Berry’s SL Movie Poster Challenge

Hiiiiiiiiiii people! I did my first ever meme today, Strawberry’s Singh’s SL Movie Poster Challenge =D
Read about the challenge here and see all the other amazing posters other bloggers have done. Hope you enjoy reading why I chose this movie as much as I enjoyed putting it together ❤


The movie I modeled this poster after is called Beaches (see the original poster here) and wasn’t a movie I saw until my best friend suggested we watch it together. I’m a sap anyways, so you can imagine the utter mess I was when we watched this movie.. but I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. It’s a movie about friendship and growing apart to grow back together again, and there’s only one person in this world I could honestly relate to. She runs a blog over at Dizzy Miss Millie, and chances are you already know exactly who I’m talking about because anyone who knows me, knows that Millie is my other half. 5 years have come and gone and our friendship is as solid as a rock. She’s the one person I can depend on no matter what, and she’s the reason I even started to blog! We debated on the name for awhile, not sure whether to change it to “Betches” and even “Belches” came up.. which shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but we settled on “Bitches” because she’s a bitch, I’m a bitch, we’re all bitches! But she’s my best bitch and that’s the end of this cool story, bro. ❤

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