Have you met Cleo?

Glam Affair - Cleo

..if you haven’t, then let me introduce you! Cleo is the latest and the greatest skin released from Glam Affair. This skin is the first of which that features a few special additions that you won’t find in previous skin releases. In the 12 pictures below, you will find 12 makeups and 1 clean option all in  the America skin tone and eyebrow D (brown).  When you get a single makeup, it comes with 6 brow options (light blonde, dark blonde, light brown, brown, black, red) but I chose to go with my normal brown.

Cleo collage
Extras include 5 eyebrow shapes, 3 freckle tattoos (which I totally love), two glossy lip tattoos, 1 no gloss lip tattoo and 3 nose options on tattoos. It wasn’t until I layered the options in Photoshop that I noticed a difference with the noses, but the more options the better I guess!


Something I found quite interesting and unique was the inclusion of extra, added skin definition and pores.  Whenever I’m editing pictures, I always find that the pores take away from the quality of the picture. They’re so grainy and kind of ugly, so I was almost surprised to see them in the pack. The top picture below is without the pores layer, and the bottom is with the added pores. To me, they make the skin look more greasy and less defined, but that’s just me!

All in all, I really love this skin and it might just be my favorite from Glam Affair to date. Well worth the price!

SkinGlam Affair | Cleo
Hair: Truth | Liberty | Mocha (Truth Hawks)
Eyes: Ikon | Vanity Eyes | Stream (Ikon Innovia)

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