Izzie’s @ Skin Fair 2013

SKIN FAIR IS OPENNNNNN! It’s spread over 2 sims, so make sure you check out the Sim 1 map and Sim 2 map before you TP to see what stores are located where.  And going along with that, I have a question for you. Do you ever just try on a skin and fall in love immediately?
Asia Closeup

Blown away. That was the emotion when I first tried on Izzie’s new Asia skin that you can find at this year’s Skin Fair on Sim 2. There are 6 tones to choose from, which are shown below: light, ginger edition, peach, medium, tanned and dark tan.

Asia Skin Tones

I’ve always been a huge fan of Izzie’s skins, and for the reason that when you buy one tone, you get a TON of options. There are 9 options for eye makeup (3 eyeliners and 3 eyeshadows), 6 lipsticks, dark/blonde/light/red brows (in all but ginger and dark tan editions) and all on tattoo layers to make it easier to swap. To add to the fun, also included is a nail base, a custom skin shape and cleavage options. Just look!

Asia Eye Makeups

Asia Lipsticks

Now that’s what I call getting your money’s worth. I just can’t get enough of this skin, I think it’s my new favorite 😡

Go and find her at the Skin Fair RIGHT NOW, because it’s open!

Skin: **NEW @ Skin Fair 2013** Izzie’s | Asia skin | Pale – Gold eyeliner (Izzie Button)
HairChemistry | Layla (c) | Coffee (Kimberlee Miles)

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